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Wrongly Sold Picture Loans PPI Insurance Policies

If you have (or have had) a loan with Picture Loans in the last 10 years, you may be successful in reclaiming wrongly sold PPI.

In many cases, you may even be able to get a refund from Picture Loans if you've lost your paperwork or already made a claim on the PPI policy.

There are hundreds of companies other than Picture Loans PPI who also sold PPI which we can pursue a refund from if they wrongly sold you a PPI policy. We can also help you reclaim PPI from out credit providers as well as Picture Loans.


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Frequently asked questions about wrongly sold PPI. Find out about lost PPI documents, multiple claims, success rates, average PPI claims and costs...

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Billions of Pounds Available

The Financial Services Industry has set aside billions of pounds.

From these funds they will refund their customers that they've wrongly sold PPI insurance to when they sold them loans and credit cards. If PPI was missold, ensure you claim your refund from the Picture Loans (or any other company you may have PPI with) straight away.

Simply complete our ultra-fast PPI refund enquiry on the left and we'll start pursuing your Picture Loans refund immediately. Contact us even if Picture Loans previously rejected your claim...

Credit Providers That Sold PPI

There are hundreds of companies other than Picture Loans who also sold PPI which we can pursue a refund from if they wrongly sold you a PPI policy. Please note that not all credit providers missold PPI and this particular credit provider may not have missold PPI. PPI providers include:

Alliance and Leicester
American Express
Black Horse
Bristol and West
Capital One
Carphone Warehouse
Co Op
Egg Bank
Hitachi Capital UK
Legal and General
Littlewoods Direct
Lloyds TSB
Marks and Spencer
Nat West
Northern Rock
Picture Loans
Pink Home Loans
Post Office
Sainsburys Bank
Skipton Building Society
Tesco Personal Finance
The AA

More Companies That Sold PPI

Was I Wrongly Sold PPI?

PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) is sold to borrowers alongside many credit arrangements including personal loans, hire purchase and car insurance...

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BBC's Watchdog: "Banks Still Denying Claims From Consumers"

Anne Robinson from BBC's Watchdog says, "Banks are denying customers compensation - and are turning down wholly legitimate claims by the thousands".

Fiona Phillips, also from Watchdog, commented "When judging PPI claims, they are not always right - in reality some banks appear strangely reluctant to part with their money despite all their promises to compensate". She continued, "Getting your money back can be remarkably difficult. The banks are failing spectacularly to put things right".

The Chief Ombudsman added that "Some banks even say that the customer never had PPI in the first place, but when we ask a few more questions we find that actually about a quarter of the customers did have PPI"

This Is Why You Should Use A Claim Company

The Financial Times Adviser has commented on why 100's of thousands of people use claim companies instead of going direct to the lender: "It all comes down to the fact that when customers had complaints they were often fobbed off or met with tactics designed to grind them into submission. Or they simply found the miss-selling claims procedure too complex to handle on their own."

Join the 100's of thousands who have already received their PPI refunds.

PPI Snippets

FSA vows to act on products similar to PPI

The FSA is keeping an eye on modified versions of PPI insurance. The insurance sector department of the FSA said they were keen to "intervene early" on any similar products to PPI (FT Adviser)

Ombudsman Prepares for PPI Reclaims spike

The Ombudsman Service is gearing up for a rise in PPI reclaims after banks put the processing of thousands of disputes on hold. They're planning to reallocate staff ahead of an expected spike in PPI complaints. (FT)

UK Banks Face £5 Billion in PPI Reclaims

Lloyds and the next four biggest UK retail banks could have to pay out £5.1 billion in PPI reclaims under a worst case scenario. (Reuters)

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